Called in Community

New Sermon Series Beginning January 10

In our highly individualistic and consumer-oriented culture, we've often reduced our spiritual life to be a solo enterprise. We pick our favorite podcasts, our favorite books, our favorite worship music, our favorite bible versions, and even the favorite kinds of people we like to hang out with that inform how we understand ourselves and God. But it's in the context of regular, committed relationships with other Christ-followers who think and see things very differently that we begin to understand ourselves and God in more fuller ways. We discover who we are and what God is calling us to in the context of community.

The artwork in our series media hangs in our Glick room and was made by artist Katie Keister after a reflection at a WCF retreat, inspired by this quote: 

"If you throw pieces of thread onto a table, no fabric results. The threads must be rightly and intimately related to one another… Only then do you get a fabric that is beautiful and strong, that covers, fits, holds, shelters, and delights… This interwovenness is what the Bible calls shalom.

To “do justice” means to live in a way that generates a strong community where human beings can flourish… to go to the places where the fabric of shalom is broken down, where people are falling through the fabric, and to repair it.

Reweaving shalom means to sacrificially thread, lace, press your time, goods, power and resources into the lives of others. "  -- Tim Keller, Generous Justice