Creation Care Sermon SEries


“Farewell, earth!” is a warning message by many who anticipate the demise of our planet due to human carelessness and inaction. As “Fare well, Earth!”, the statement becomes a prayer and invitation for humans to re-engage with God’s vision for Creation and seek its flourishing through our care and stewardship.

In this sermon series, we look at what Scripture says about humanity’s relationship with and responsibility to the earth that God created in the areas of:

  • Dominion - How much sovereignty do humans have over the earth?
  • Community - How do environmental decisions impact our neighbors?
  • Shepherds - How does humanity rightly relate to the animal kingdom?
  • Truth - What is the relationship between faith and science?

Each Sunday, an online 3D session will meet via zoom at 11:30 to explore the practical implications of our relationship with the created order.

Join us as we explore how our faith informs the way we live in the world God created. Share our live stream link ( with your friends and on social media and invite them into the conversation.