New Volunteer Scheduling Process

We are so grateful for your faithfulness in serving on teams at WCF.


To minimize the number of scheduling requests that you receive from the various teams you serve on, we will be moving to a coordinated effort for scheduling volunteers in three-month periods, beginning in March. Please let the team leaders know of your scheduling preferences before February 24.  


1. Log in to PCO Services at or download the mobile app Planning Center Services for apple or google play. The app is highly recommended and very volunteer-friendly. 

2. Update your serving preferences including frequency, week of the month, scheduling preferences for your household, etc. Select each team you serve on and update your preferences per team.

3. Enter your blockout dates so we know when you won’t be available. Rather than requesting your days of availability for each team you serve on, enter the days that you won’t be available, along with your scheduling preferences for each team and you’ll be scheduled for all the teams based on the information you provide to us. Block out dates a

Need help? More details provided below or email

Planning Center Services

Need help getting started?

Learn how to download and use the Planning Center Services mobile app:

Familiarize yourself with Planning Center Services on your computer: 

Scheduling Preferences

Prefer to serve on the 2nd Sunday of the month? Or prefer to volunteer when your other family members are not? Let us know! 

To update your scheduling preferences, select your profile, located in the top right corner of the PCO services page. Select edit next to the Preferences section (1) to update both your general and household preferences. Then, next to each team (2) on which you serve, select the your team-level preferences. 

Click here for more information on Scheduling Preferences


Accept a Request

When you are added to a schedule to volunteer, your email address on file will be notified. To accept a request, follow the link in the email or complete these steps. 

In PCO services, select My Schedule. If you have a request your haven't responded to yet, it will appear under the Pending heading. Select accept or select decline and leave us a note about why you're unavailable. 

Click here for more information on Managing your Schedule

Declining a Request

Last minute business trip? Find a sub! 

In PCO Services, on the My Schedule tab, click on the Date for which you are finding a sub. This will bring you to the service plan. Here, select the Matrix button located to the right of the date of the service. 

The matrix view allows you to see multiple Sundays and multiple teams. Scroll down to your team and select the gray arrow to open up your team. In your team, you can see who else has been scheduled for this position and might be able to sub for you. Contact these individuals and let your team leader know who you've found to sub for your volunteer spot.  

Click here for more information on the Matrix View