Virtual Town Hall

The Elders value your contribution to WCF's LGBTQ+ discernment process through your participation in the upcoming Virtual Town Hall events. 

The complete program will be broadcast over two sessions (Town Hall Part One and Town Hall Part Two). Each session will be offered twice to accommodate the schedules of as many people as possible.

Please register for at least one Town Hall Part 1 and one Town Hall Part 2 session (though you are welcome to register for more than one, if you wish). Upon registration, you will receive the zoom login details as well as a link to view the introductory remarks and Elder introductions prior to the virtual Town Hall meetings.

Please register below for two events: one of the times listed for PART ONE and one of the times for PART TWO.

Town Hall Part One

Affirmations 1-4

Sunday, Feb 7, 11:15 am-12:45 pm
or Wednesday, Feb 10, 8:30-10 pm

Register Here

Town Hall Part Two

Affirmations 5-7 and Elder hopes

Sunday, Feb 21, 11:15 am-12:45 pm
or Wednesday, Feb 24, 8:30-10 pm.

Register Here

Discernment process

These events mark the beginning of Phase 2 of this discernment process where we seek to stimulate conversation, engagement and dialogue.

  • Phase 1: Sharing our stories and learning from resources
  • Phase 2: Congregation-wide conversations - learning from each other and potential additional resources
  • Phase 3: Determining what actions are needed to have our shared beliefs reflected in our congregational life.

Following the Town Hall meetings, questions and comments will be grouped and distributed to participants and church members. If you have any questions about these Town Hall events, please contact the