Small Groups

Small groups play an important role in congregational life at WCF. These groups help members to grow in Christ through Bible study, prayer, outreach and worship. And they offer an opportunity to connect on a more personal level while meeting regularly for fellowship, support and accountability.

Some groups stay together for an extended period of time, while others come together for a shorter time to focus on a specific book or study. Groups generally range in size between 8-12 members. Some draw members from across the region, while others focus on a particular neighborhood.

Small groups generally meet in the evening in homes all around the metropolitan area. Most meet every week, but some meet bi-weekly. Each group sets the place and time for meeting, as well as other logistical details.

Kristin List, Minister of Discipleship and Communication, is available as a resource for existing small groups, for those seeking to start new groups and for those desiring to become part of a group. If you’re interested in joining or starting a small group at WCF, contact Kristin.