Email Group Guildlines

Please read these guidelines carefully before posting to any of the WCF email groups.

Rules guiding the use of all WCF email groups:

  1. Please include your full name on all posts.
  2. All of the WCF-related email groups are designed for the use of the general WCF community, not primarily as a means of official communication by WCF staff or the elected leadership. Therefore, statements expressed on an email list should not necessarily be interpreted as representing the institution of Washington Community Fellowship. WCF staff and leaders, in turn, will not monitor, edit, or delete the content of users’ posts unless they violate these guidelines.
  3. Registered users of any of the WCF-related email groups should interact with one another both in person AND online with love, respect and dignity, and honor our church’s commitment to being united in the essentials of our faith while disagreeing respectfully and in love on other matters.
  4. Users of any of the email groups are asked to be respectful of the guidelines applicable to each list. Disrespectful language (profanity included) or insensitive comments will be challenged by the moderator, who reserves the right to remove anyone immediately and without notice who is not respectful of the guidelines.
  5. These email groups are not a forum for online discussions, debates, comments, the promotion of a particular business or product, criticisms, or postings of an overtly political and/or controversial nature. Members of a list who wish to engage in an Internet-based discussion or debate, or respond in this manner to a person’s post should respond to the poster directly.

Specific purposes of the WCF INFO group: The purpose of the WCF Info group is to create a space for members and friends of the WCF community to post announcements that may be of interest to others in the community. General information is displayed on this email list, such as: announcements for church events, announcements for community events, housing advertisements, job postings, childbirth announcements, workshops, yard sales, roommate searches, items for sale, etc. This is the largest and most active of the WCF email groups; there are approximately 150 group members.

Specific purposes of the WCF PRAYER group: The WCF Prayer group is used to request prayer for members, family, friends, people that request prayer, community or corporate prayer, missionaries, medical or other challenges affecting the mind, body, spirit, and soul, whether physical or mental, and for praise reports. If posting a request about another person, please be sure you have their permission to make their need public.

Specific purposes of the WCF MOMS group: This group was created for moms at Washington Community Fellowship, to promote fellowship, weekly meetings, sharing questions and information, etc. among WCF moms. There are around 20 members.