Worship at WCF

Washington Community Fellowship's Worship Services are held on Sundays at 10am. Washington Community Fellowship is committed to worship that is:

  • Incarnational - expressing the belief that no part of our life is beyond the reach of our faith
  • Historical - drawing on the Christian heritage, experience, and creativity of our forbearers in the faith
  • Multi-denominational - reflecting the gifts to be received as part of the worldwide church and from various traditions represented by our membership
  • Vibrant - allowing response through all of our senses, as well as intellect and emotion
  • Inclusive - affirming God’s welcome to all who seek to worship in spirit and truth, irrespective of race, class, culture, or gender
  • Participative - affirming and sharing individual gifts and corporate resources, recognizing we need God and each other
  • Second Hour

    During the hour immediately following the worship service (11:30am to 12:30pm) on the first and second Sundays of the month, we as a community participate in a an intergenerational service project (first Sunday), and a potluck lunch (second Sunday). 

  • Children

    WCF’s Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents, providers, youth, other WCF commissions and the congregation at large to teach children from Scripture and by example the realities and responsibilities of Christ-centered redeemed lives. 

  • Middle School

    The middle schoolers at WCF (grades 6-9) gather on the second and fourth Sundays per month during Sunday-morning worship for spiritual nurture and fellowship. 

  • Sermons & Media

    Catch up on the latest message from WCF.